Qatraneh Visitor Center

Client : Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Location : Qatraneh, Karak- Jordan

Joint Venture: Roots (Consulting Engineers)

Year : 2018

Approaches to site design, conservation & building design, site management/ interpretation & visitor experience

  • Respect the authenticity of site and place.

  • Induce minimal effect on site while achieving required tourism service satisfaction (Presence of the visitor center is manipulated through the notion of “thickened ground” and a dynamic relationship and integration between surface, building, and ground).

  • Strong integration between indoor and outdoor areas (Regarding the Visitor Center). The Visitor Center is a point of attraction on the main trails within the site.

  • Convey the significance of the site to the general public through interpretation of the site values and messages.

  • Facilitation of interpretation is achieved through the design of trails, interpretation signs, and guided tours.