Dead Sea Market & Panoramic Lookout

Client : Jordan Development Zone (JDZ)

Location : Dead Sea, Jordan

Year :  2015

The public beach project provides a unique opportunity for locals to access a well serviced and enjoyable beach experience. The Project is based on a high level of social equity and on ensuring equitable access to the public spaces and commanding views of the waterfront.

The design of the project is both simple and sophisticated at the same time; its simplicity comes from the humble relationship with the site and view, the use of affordable and available materials, and furniture and the rationality of the approach. However, the design of the journey down to the beach, accessibility, leveling and terracing of the different serving decks makes the quality of spaces and beach experience an exceptional one.

The project encompasses both indoor and outdoor activity spaces and services, indoor activities are mainly beach necessary services that are concentrated and drawn back to the southern edge of the site, keeping the services blocks as earth bound structures, a very sensitive building solution. In addition, this treatment opens up the views to the Dead Sea and rest of the project, not forgetting to mention that the buildings themselves are oriented to the view. On the other hand, there’s a strong relationship between indoor and outdoor activities, extending the indoor space out onto adjacent view-oriented terraces to increase the capacity of the functions.

In general, those activities and services include: cafes, food court, canteens, toilets, showers and changing rooms, playgrounds, recreational areas, seating and sun-bathing areas, terraces and the beach