Development of Tourism Activity in Dibeen Forest Reserve

Client : Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)

Location : Dibeen-Amman, Jordan

Joint venture: ROOTS (Consulting Engineers)

Year :  2014

The objective of the Project is equipping the site of Dibeen Nature Reserve aims at establishing a unique & environmentally-responsive tourist destination at Dibeen for picnicking and strolling by rehabilitating the existing site in a way achieving nature conservation, awareness building about environmental issues, and educational eco-tourism.

In addition to extensive site research, analysis, and documentation; we will consult with published works, research journal articles, in addition to other sources that mention each of the sites at question.  Our analysis will include understanding the various communities around each of the sites, their social practices, approaches to nature conservation, in addition to the nature and characteristics to their local heritage (e.g., Architecture, other).