Consultancy Services for the Amman Heritage Conservation Studies

Client : Greater Amman Municipality

Joint venture: Financed by The French Development Agency (FDA)

Location : Amman, Jordan

Year :  2009

Centered on a study of the evolution of the City in terms of cultural, territorial and socio-economic transformations, a study of the setting and spirit of the place in addition to patterns of growth, migration patterns and early residential settlements. Part 1 of Phase I also address population & urbanization analysis in addition to a study of the evolution of planning schemes and effect of development plans on City growth since the 1950s up to the present in addition to morphology and settlement patterns.

Addressed different city narratives including citizens of the City as agents of change and transformations, evolution of public spaces and public sphere, and analysis of Amman’s modernity narratives. This part also addressed contemporary economic and socio-cultural transformations taking place in Amman to day such as the current neoliberal urban transformations but also tackled the phenomenon of coming back to the City’s historic urban quarters and the provision of a new urban vision facilitated by urban activists and the creative urban class.

Centered on rethinking urban heritage in the City. This started with analyzing Amman’s domestic space and the spatiality and specificity of the domestic heritage, analysis of the City’s public spaces, and finally a detailed study of the City’s urban heritage where a typology of the City urban architectural cultural and natural heritage was researched, surveyed, and analyzed ending up with various types and models that flourished in Amman. This part ended with a study of the practices and politics of heritage in the City.