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Abdali & The Boulevard Way Finding System

Client : Abdali Investment and Development psc.

Location : Abdali,  Amman- Jordan

Year : 2017- 2018

Way Finding Solution for Abdali  and the Boulevard will mainly depend on dividing the Site into different Zones with synergy and synchronization with the various Entrances to these Zones that had been each given a number. The entire approach to way finding is also based on two main way finding design elements:

  • Colors

  • Urban Signage


Color has been successfully used as a solution to spatial way finding in many urban contexts all over the world. Furthermore, the way finding design becomes more effective when one approach, Color, is juxtaposed with another, which is: Urban Signage. In general, we are using 3 types of urban signage that are each divided into different categories of its own:

Type I: Building Signs

  •  Building #

  •  ID Sign

Type II: Signs for Pedestrians

  • Stella Signs

  • Signs on Existing Lighting Poles.

  • Street Names Signs (which already exists).

  • Existing Information Boards

Type III: Signs for Vehicles

Within our proposed urban signage system, we have made sure to incorporate the already existing urban signage (directional signs) as part of our overall approach to urban signage. Regarding the Boulevard, Currently, way finding in the parking areas is a complete obstacle. Our main approach is rather than using color to differentiate between blocks (as is the situation now), our approach is to actually use color to differentiate between levels (parking levels) juxtaposed with signage placed near vertical circulation elements (elevators) to indicate where does this elevator takes you and showing the parking level in each block.

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