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Founded in 1999, TURATH: Architecture & Urban Design Consultants is an architectural/urban design and research foundation specializing in architecture, urban design and regeneration, heritage conservation & management, adaptive reuse, green architecture, tourism development and site interpretation & presentation, and planning.
The main objective of TURATH is providing consultation coupled with scientific, historic, and thorough research on the issues of concern and site or locale understudy.
TURATH’s work is supported by a research center (Metropolis: Cities Research Council) which is considered the research arm of TURATH; encompassing architecture, urban design, green architecture, planning, heritage conservation, urban regeneration, transportation, archaeology, environmental engineering, municipal infrastructure, heritage management, tourism and spatial computer data base applications.
TURATH’s Library is part of Metropolis: Cities Research Council, which is the research arm of TURATH. The library had grown since 35 years back from a small personal library of Rami Daher to a large specialized library on architecture, urbanism, and conservation in addition to other concentration areas that is significant to researchers, graduate students, and the general public at large.


“Practicing Architecture rests primarily on a genuine understanding of place; its social production, local dynamics and politics, emerging discourses, and continuous evolution.


The role of the architect, then, becomes an affirmation to creatively locate new meaning for that place in order for it not to be frozen in time. Only then, place emerges as a palimpsest of constant change and transformation, and the challenge to the practice of architecture evolves into the meticulous management of that change and transformation."

Rami Daher

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