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Abdoun High Density

Client : Arab East for Real-Estate Investment P.S.C. (REAL)

Location : Amman- Jordan

Year : 2008- 2010

This real-estate development project represents a new approach to “urban living” where the emphasis is on mixed-used development where residential complexes are next to open-air public spaces incorporating shopping and entertainment facilities.

The total built up area of the Project is about 36000 m2 out of which residential uses comprises 45%, mixed-used functions (restaurants, cafes, shops, and a library) comprise 30%, and office spaces comprise 25% of the total built up area.

The investment project enjoys a 1.9 Floor/Area ration with a 11650 m2 in green outdoor and public spaces (shared spaces).


The Project centers of a dynamic interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces making best use of Amman enjoyable weather during most months of the year. Capturing the spirit of mixed-used activities is crucial for the Project in addition to fostering the creation of pedestrian-friendly urban environments in the City and green spaces in between housing units that could serve as playgrounds for children

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