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Alami Boutique Hotel 

Client : Mr. Saed Alami 

Location : Amman -  Jordan 

Joint Venture : Two Opposites (Interior Design)

Year : 2018

The Alami Boutique hotel is located within the heart of Amman, and consists of two Central Hallway Dwellings (Amman 3-Bay Houses) dating back to the 1920s, in addition to the existing structures, a contemporary expansion has been made without affecting the original fabric and image.


The existing structures has two floors, with 2 extra added floors. The boutique hotel has a diverse program, including 15 Guest rooms, a restaurant, offices, a library and other utility spaces.


The design has respected the 3-Bay spatial configuration consisting of a central hallway with a space to each side. This respect was clear in actual restoration and rehabilitation works that were implemented on the first 2 floors on the existing structures, in addition to that this respect of the 3-Bay spatial configuration was reflected clearly on the new addition (the Loft) that was added to the building. The New addition carries a contemporary stamp through its materials and image, but yet respects the past.


The various levels of intervention also included working on the site and providing accessibility from the main street but also accessibility from the public stairs leading to the rear façade of the building

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