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Al Yarmouk Nature Reserve “Visitor Center and Eco Lodges"

Location : Irbid- Jordan

Client : Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)

Year : 2018

Along the grand stonework of the earth emerges another ring that follows the same logic of linearity, interspersed with boxed functions that allow for the experience of panoramic views and functional movement within the building, through it, and above it.

The building hovers over the unique earth formation with minimal physical contact with the ground creating a void which allows for an uninterrupted flow of movement, air, and vision.

On one hand, the building enclaves within its inward circumference the earth, the stone, and the ancient trees gathering to form the specific landscape that is Yarmouk.

On the other hand, the building provides a 360° explorative association with the Site embracing the magnificent views of the Reserve and its nearby attractions and creating a unique status of being above ground but with nature.

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