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Assi’s Residence

Client : Mr. Abdul Monim Assi

Location : Naour, Amman- Jordan

Year : 2011

This house is located on the outskirts of Amman on a large plot of land, which granted the designer the ability to create an extroverted scheme that interacts with the outdoor space spatially, visually, and physically. The house enjoys a U-Shaped plan that harnesses an inner garden. The Link between the two main wings is made of a separate, yet joining, mass of steel. The upper floor, with its smooth white stone and cantilevered masses, floats freely over the heavier grey base. The Landscaping is designed in a way to provide an enjoyable promenade (Citrus Promenade) and various outdoor experiences such as the Olives Orchid and the Vines Promenade.

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