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Baptism Site ( Preparation of a Management Plan )

Client : Baptism Commission of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Location : Juwafat Al Kafrayn- Jordan

Year : 2016

The Management Plan will offer a collective vision and provide a decision making tool that would guide future excavations, conservation and intervention on the site. It is value-driven and through a participatory and interdisciplinary process will balance conservation needs and tourism development demands. Being a collective vision to the management of cultural and natural sites, the management plan provides an anchor to accommodate how different stakeholders relate to the site and to its management.


An effective Management Plan should be capable not only of guiding policy makers and planners involved with the site but should also engage with the fullest variety of stakeholders in order to secure a long term and sustainable future for the Baptism Site. Thus in drawing up the Management Plan for the site the following 2 broad principles should be adhered to:

1. The Plan allows each stakeholder group to engage constructively with the site while recognizing the overall need to protect, enhance and inform. The Plan will require the backing of all stakeholders.

2. The Plan takes an integrative approach to the management of the site recognizing that its value lies in the relationships between the built environment, the natural environment, and most important of all, its value lies in making its significance accessible to the general public and visitors.

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