Zureiqat’s Residence

Client : Jabal Weibdeh- Amman, Jordan

Location : Jabal Weibdeh- Amman, Jordan

Year : 2012

The building is a clear example of the early Amman Modern Residential type.  This is represented through its dynamic massing, relationship to the plot, materials and structural system, to mention a few.  Personally, I strongly feel that one of the reasons for architectural excellence is the building’s subtle monumentality.  The house was inhibited for many years by George and Shadia Sa’ed (Abu Awni and Umm Awni). 

The new intervention will be based on excellence in design and will emerge from a full understanding of not only the typology of the building and garden but on a typo-morphological understanding of how these early examples of Amman Modern Residential houses emerged.  In addition, a clear distinction between the old and the new will also be maintained.