Alami Hotel 

Client : Mr. Saed Alami 

Location : Amman , Jordan 

Year :  2018

-Understanding & respecting the Central-Hallway Dwelling (in terms of spatial relationships of the house itself and its association with the City).

-Respect of Authenticity:
o Respect of the authenticity of the 3-Bay system (spatially).
o Removal of only the added additions, and maintaining the original fabric (material authenticity).
o Respect of authenticity of the original structural system (maintaining original slabs and I-Beams).
o The new added structural system is independent of the existing one.
o In term of setting authenticity, the building with its new addition respects the silhouette of the City and its impact is very positive.
o Out of respect for the 3-Bay relationship with its surroundings, it is important to create synergy and a strong relationship with the various setbacks of the building and foster its connection with the public steps of Amman.  An upper entrance is emphasized that leads to the rear setback.  The project is also connected to the public steps of the City.

-Creating Distinction between the original fabric and the new addition:
o The new addition is recessed at least 60 cm from the existing building (adhering with the Guidelines that were developed for new additions to 3-Bay Houses).