Adaptive Reuse and Interior Design Project at the Institut Français.

Client : Institut Français.

Location:  Amman, Jordan.

Year :  2012

The objective of this project is to create an innovative and inspiring environment that is also efficient when it comes to concepts of adapting the existing resources (e.g., reuse of existing furniture, understand and make best use of qualities of space) into contemporary uses.

a. at identity and spatial levels

The main arching themes for the design are Francophone Culture and French Modernity.

There are manifested in several phenomena all through the design.

  • Promoting a French Modernity in a Jordanian Public Sphere through the function of the cafe / Library (cafe / Bibliotique) and an active public life making best use of the wide side walk along Shari'a Street.

Possibility of Naming the Place: These are only suggestions that are inspired again from the theme.

  • Café des Lettres et des Parisian 

  • Café des Lettres

  • Café de la Ville de Lumierre 

  • Espace des Lettres


b. at the level of info-graphics

The main arching theme is the City of Paris (Ville de Paris), and this is manifested through the tables, menu, paper plate mats, wall decorations, other.

Table: The idea of the 20 arrodissement which could be implemented through ceramic tiles

Menu: Should be simple, and reflects both Parisian and Ammani delicacies.

c. at recycling & environmental levels

A detailed survey of existing furniture and fixtures that would be reused in the new project was made. The general flavor is to try to use as much as possible from the existing resources, thus reduce cost and present a firm environmental position. In addition, the two French Companies Saint Gobain & Lafarge collaborate strongly with the project.

e. at the level of urban and street art

In general, the design will address the sidewalk in terms of levels, tiling, and extension of space into the interior. The main purpose is to encourage street life through the sidewalk café and also urban furniture. Two accent walls will be addressed in terms of urban / street art and influenced by the themes at work on this project such as Francophone Culture, French Modernity, and City of Paris. One theme for a particular accent external wall (Garage) would be Parisian Public Spaces from different parts of Paris. The other perpendicular wall will host the name of French philosophers through the years.

f. at the level of Interior Furniture

The interior furnishes will also emerge from the major theme of French Modernity in terms of choice of type and nature of tables and chairs. In addition, the food counter would be influenced by a simple approach that is very Modern and where it is very possible to show case the various served delicacies.