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Dead Sea Development Zone Early Disposition Projects Area (Urban Design of the Public Space & the Beaches)

Client : Jordan Development Zone (JDZ)

Location : Dead Sea- Jordan

Joint Venture : ENGICON

Year : 2012

This project is considered one of several outputs of a detailed Master Plan for the Jordan Dead Sea Development Zone commissioned by the Jordan for Development Zones Company (JDZ).  In an attempt to democratize the planning rhetoric, the Master Plan is conceived as a series of interconnected and publicly accessible districts each with its own activity node promoting a diverse range of development types including tourism, mixed-use, commercial, institutional, health, and recreational.  

The Sweimeh Corniche Waterfront Project is based on a high level of social equity and on ensuring equitable access to the public spaces and commanding views of the area attempting to serve as the future waterfront for the town of Sweimeh.  It is composed of a public cornice promenade with leisure, shopping, retail, hotels, public plazas, pedestrian friendly public spaces with commanding views to the Dead Sea, a public eco-park, a visitor center, and public beaches all with their needed services and infrastructure.   The Project’s planning approach and rhetoric is different than the “resort” development planning mentality.   First of all, a substantial portion of the development land is envisioned to be developed into public spaces as mentioned earlier with a high level of accessibility to all Jordanians including the cornice promenade, public plazas, pedestrian friendly public spaces, the public eco-park, the visitor center, and public beaches.  Second, the second part of the developed land is divided into various plots to be sold to various developers

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