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Dead Sea Market & Panoramic Lookout

Client: Jordan Development Zone (JDZ)

Location : Dead Sea- Jordan

Year : 2015

The purpose of this project was to create economic opportunities for the informal vendors scattered along the Dead Sea highway, and for them to be placed in a properly designed and well-regulated Souq/Market.


The land allocated for this project was on the other side of The Dead Sea Main Highway, overlooking The Dead Sea, The design was very simple and was based on a shaded series of open public spaces that casket down and includes a mall spine for movement, around that spine there are various shops for locals to actually sell their local products. In addition to the shops, there are cafes and restaurants with a dramatic view of The Dead Sea basically.


The land has a very rough topography, but the circulation design took all the attention to create ramps which makes it accessible for the handicapped.


The street that goes all the way up to the upper part of the land, where there is a car-parking, where people can park and access the project to find a playground for children and then they can go down, walk and enjoy shopping from the various shops. Also, there is another car-parking at a lower level next to the restaurants. In the middle of the journey, there is an outdoor amphitheater for events.


The design provided shading as much as possible, whether through shading structures or trees.


All the of the shops are above ground level, but the restaurants, mosque, and cafes are complementing the topography along the way through ramps and stairs where you find a playground, restaurants and terraces cascading down reaching a bus parking, a big garage at the top with a dramatic view of The Dead Sea, two restaurants towards the end with shaded seating areas individual shops and landscape planting furniture.

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