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Development of Interpretation and Design at Ajloun Visitor Center

Client : USAID 

Location : Ajloun- Jordan

Year : 2013


Researching Ajloun and its Citadel was based on a thorough investigation which followed first Data Collection of various sources, meetings with key informants and individuals, and also fieldwork and visits as will be explained in the following sections.  TURATH: Architecture & Urban Design Consultants made sure that the team working on the Project including individuals with diverse needed expertise, including specialists on the Citadel of Ajloun.


Visitor Center Themes

The themes and their respective panels would be located in the Visitor Centre.  The Visitor Centre will provide information to the tourist and visitor about the City of Ajloun, its history and traditions, and also would locate Ajloun in geographic and historic contexts.  Furthermore, the Visitor Centre will also provide information about near by towns and villages and the country side around the City of Ajloun.


After a detailed research on the City of Ajloun and its surroundings, the team leader was able to narrate the story of Ajloun through 3 general themes:  Ajloun through the Ages, The Cultural Heritage, and Human, Social, and Economic Geography using in total 14 panels.  All the themes, and sub-themes will be injected with several narratives and anecdotes to make the visitor interpretation experience most interesting.

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