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Development of Interpretive Material for Madaba Archaeological Park

Client : USAID

Location : Madaba - Jordan

Year : 2013- 2014

Themes that are highlighted in the Interpretation Panels

  • Layers of Continuous Occupation

Presenting Madaba as a place of continuous occupation and building dating to Roman, Byzantine, early Islamic, and contemporary periods.  It is important to highlight how these structures of different periods relate to each other and to the City.

  • Tolerance and Co-existence between Christians and Muslims through time

Presenting Madaba as a city of co-existence and tolerance between Muslim and Christians.  This is elaborated upon throughout the layers of archaeology and through proving that the building of new churches, the restoration of older ones, and the restoration of mosaics continued after the Islamic period.


  • The Existence of Elaborate Residential Buildings in Madaba during the Byzantine Period

The Roman road and the structures along it dating to Roman, Byzantine, and to Islamic period reflect urban changes at important points of political and social transition in Madaba, a city of continuous layers of occupation. 

  • Technical Mastery & Imagination of the Mosaicists of Byzantine Madaba

Byzantine people were well advanced with great knowledge of culture, architecture, and the great art and technology of mosaics that still aspire us today.

  • Madaba as a City of Mosaics

Madaba is synonymous with Mosaics, the quality of Madaba mosaic floorings and art is truly exceptional in terms of application, technology, art, and depiction of cultural landscapes and the representation of cities.

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