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Detailed Design for Furniture, Illustration Boards, and Museum Display Items at Mkies

Client : Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities (MOTA)

Location : Mkies, Irbid- Jordan 

Year:  2017

This component is centered on the following tasks:

After addressing the interior design of the various rooms and reception spaces, it is important to interfere in terms of future physical site improvements, these improvements are based on complementing the Village’s relationship with the surroundings and wonderful views. They take the form of:

- Access to Roof Tops

- Outdoor Seating Opportunity

- Planters

- Paving where necessary

- Nearby Landscaping Opportunity

- Views

One of the purposes of these general physical improvements within the historic village of al-Sela’ and its surroundings is to celebrate the sublime views within the area, in addition to:

- Utilizing the full potential of the buildings by making their roofs occupiable, engaging the views at hand.

- Through landscape design, creating opportunities for outside seating and shading as immediate extensions to the interior living spaces as well as creating places of congregation.

- Populate the Village softscapes with native and adaptive plants to highlight the natural diversity of the Site. If possible, some edible plants and herbs can also be incorporated into food production at the Village.

- Create new urban spaces within the built environment and on the periphery. These spaces could become the setting for numerous cultural events for both visitors and locals.

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