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Fixed Frame- Free Being UNHABITAT Affordable Housing


Location : Amman- Jordan

Competition : UNHABITAT Affordable Housing Competition (First Prize)

Year : 2015

Redefining "Right to The City"


  • Social Sustainability: Addressing issues of social equity, equal access to housing and to public space, to mention few.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Addressing access to environmentally-responsive design.

  • Economic Sustainability: Securing access to equitable and affordable mechanisms of funding and financing.

Personalization of Space / Design thus reducing the Stigmatization associated usually with Affordable Housing

1-   A possibility and chance for each of the families to personalize their own curtain wall in terms of Proportion, Design, Material and Color.

2-   Is how building practice derives its structural and implementation logic from Manufacturing, Transportation, Material Specification and Dimension.

3-   Flexible trough its Modular Geometry and Structure.

4-   Environmentally Responsive.

5-   Defines the edges of Expandability vertically and horizontally.

6-   Allows for Spontaneous Order where inhabitants are empowered to personalize their homes.

7-   Offers different Style of living such as Duplex double-level homes.

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