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Hashemite Garden

Client : Sahab Municipality & Jordan Engineering Association

Location : Sahab- Jordan

Competition : Local Competition  (First Prize)

Year : 2004

One of the main objectives of this project and of this local garden is to create a “community place,” a place for the Jordanian family to enjoy nature and leisure time. This “Community Garden” will provide a “breathing green space” in an over-industrial region. Another objective of the design is to create a “paradise” in this semi-arid region.

In this project, we want to create a place (a garden) with a conscious relationship with the Environment through the proposed activities, outdoor experience, and materials used. The design was inspired by local Jordanian cultural landscapes through their adoption of a harmonious integration between soft and hard landscaping. Several principles of xeriscaping (Water conserving landscapes) was also used in the overall design of the Project. The design also incorporated rainwater collecting well located in the lower parts of the garden.

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