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Interpretation Space for the Church of the Mosaic Map Madaba

Location : Madaba- Jordan

Year : 2010- 2011

 The objective of this very unique project is providing interpretation that narrates and explicates the Mosaic Map of Madaba located in the Church of St. George (which was built in the late 19th century on the ruins of an old Byzantine Church) to the general public. The Project included the interior design of the interpretative space (located in an adjacent contemporary building next to the Church), and also the research, text writing, and graphic design of the various interpretation panels to be included within the interpretation space.


The interpretation was based on several themes that addressed the history of the place through Moabite, Byzantine, and contemporary periods; features & significance of the Map of Madaba; the story of resettling the plains of Madaba, the building the Church of St. George, and the discovery of the Map; the scholars and painters who had researched and studied the Map; and the contribution of the Map to Byzantine cartography. Project tasks also included the writing of the script for the short documentary movie to be shown in the video room which is part of the interpretative space.

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