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Jerash Visitor Center

Location : Jerash- Jordan

Year : 2015

This unique project centers on researching and designing the content for the interpretation material for Jerash Visitor Centre in Jordan.  The Visitor Centre is located in the ancient city of Jerash next to the main entrance to the antiquities site.  It is important to know that there are already plans to execute interpretation panels to be located outdoors.  These panels together with the site itself would provide information about the ancient City and its monuments from the Classical period to the visitors and tourists.

This panel provides a general historic and geographic background about the ancient city of Jerash.  It elaborates on the geographic context and territorial limit.  Furthermore, the panel addresses other broader issues such as roads & transportation networks, water supply, and agriculture & other resources (e.g., including iron within the Jerash territory, forests).  The panel also poses some serious research questions such as questioning Jerash as part of the Decapolis.

The main concept for the panel graphic design is based on using 3 colors to represent the three languages used:  Arabic, French, and English.  This color differentiation will follow also in the text for the three languages in the panel and also will be reflected in the captions under images and drawings.  This approach to the design will help the viewer’s reading flow, so for example, if he or she is reading Arabic, his or her eyes will keep going to the same text color of either in boxes or in captions.  Two sample panel designs are provided, they are identical in terms of their graphic identify, but they differ in their layouts.  Maybe both options could be used throughout the different panels. 

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