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Khandama Development Project

Client : Jabal Khandama Development Co. (Represented through: Fakieh Group)

Location : Makkah Al Mukarramah - Saudi Arabia

Joint Venture : Consolidated Consultants Engineering & Environment (Ja'afar Tuqan & Rami Daher)

Competition : International Urban Design &Architecture Competition/ the Development of Khandama Area (Second Prize)

Year : 2006

This competition of the Development of Khandama Area is a continuation of this enlightened vision for a new approach to urban planning in the City.  The design of the area is supposed to culminate in a "model District" for the Holy City of Makkah to be repeated in its approach and vision in other places.  Therefore, the design and planning approaches should reflect this enlightened vision for the City and should avoid the ills of "modernity planning" which had created placeless urban spaces and isolated "Isores" all over the Arab World.  By adopting a critical approach to urban planning and to the built form, thus ending up with viable and collective public spaces that are vibrant, at the cutting edge, and is a representation of local culture and dynamics. 

The Khandama Development project represents a golden opportunity for the High Commission for the Development of the Makkah Region in general and the Khandama Development Company (KDC) in particular to adopt a responsive entrepreneurial planning approach and a virtuous circle of investment.  This will entail not only achieving highest long term return for the stakeholders of KDC but also insuring a project with a high level of social and urban responsibility in the Holy city of Makkah.  The Project also represents a private initiative with a high moral purpose to create a city for people from different walks of life, a city with a soul achieving maximum good to the maximum number of people and different strata of society

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