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Kullieyat al Shari’a and Aesha al Baounyiah Streets’ Urban and Public Space Design in Jabal al Weibdeh

Client : Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

Location : Jabal Al Lweibdeh, Amman- Jordan

Year : 2019

“Weibdeh” is the artistic and cultural hub in Amman, a haven for artists, intellectuals, and alternative thinking.

Nested on one of Amman's glorious mountains, Jabal Weibdeh (or Weibdeh) is one of the City's

main unique residential neighborhoods with direct connections to the Downtown area via Amman's special steps of memories and unique urban experience such as Al Kalha and al Bareed.

Our approach to emphasizing, preserving and complementing the already existing nature of public space in Weibheh emerges from the following local practices:

Shop owners and the public already activated the use of the side walk as public space, taking different forms: setting for leisure and observing the passersby, playing cards or Tawlet Zaher (backgammon), eating and drinking tea, other. These traditions will be continued, facilitated for and continued. o Weibdeh is blessed, compared to other neighbourhoods of Amman, with the existence of several neighbourhood gardens and small urban pockets. Our philosophy is to sustain and complement the already existing neighbourhood gardens and try to research the potentials existing in the smaller urban pockets

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