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Place Lalla Yeddouna

Location : Fes- Morocco

Joint venture : Consolidated Consultants Engineering & Environment (Jafar Tukan Architects)

Competition : An International Open Project Competition of 176 Competitors from all over the world.

Year : 2010

The essence of the urban rehabilitation and regeneration of this significant historic quarter of Fes is treating the site as a palimpsest where the urban rehabilitation thrives to continue narrating the site’s various layers of change and narratives (the guilds) while sustaining the place’s values, messages, and functional and social diversity; thus leading to integrated urban rehabilitation. The design proposal and approach to urban rehabilitation treats site as a living cultural heritage while encouraging creative entrepreneurship (a Medina for the 21st century).

At the urban level, one of the main objectives, and through rethinking public space; is to thrive to bring back the River as a lifeline of the Medina. This idea is juxtaposed with considering the site as a connecting point within the City’s distinctive quarters (Rahba baynal modun). At a socio-economic level, the urban rehabilitation / regeneration approach thrives to sustaining function and social diversity while encouraging habitation and a mixed-use urbanity throughout the Site in addition to the active involvement and participation of various stakeholders and neighborhood associations.

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