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Design Consultancy  Service for Rehabilitation of Shobak Castle Tourism Site (Al Jaya Village)

Location : Al Jaya Village, Shobak-Jordan

Joint Venture : Consolidated Consultants Group (Jafar Tukan Architects)

Year : 2022-2023

The proposed project focuses on the rehabilitation of Al Jaya Village next to the Shobak Castle by supporting its existing local businesses and reviving and adapting a selected number of its heritage vernacular buildings into heritage tourism related activities with objectives of not only elevating the level of the tourism product in the area, but also securing the community’s livelihoods, and supporting women’s economic empowerment.

Eventually, 4 houses were selected based on a selection criterion, new introduced functions for the adaptive reuse include a Bed & Breakfast, Arts and Crafts, Agri-Tourism, and supporting Tourism Information within the area.  The project was influenced by a strong respect and preservation of contributing elements within the authentic vernacular context.

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