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Ramlawi’s Residence (Not Built)

Client : Mr. Ihab Ramlawi

Location : Al Hummar, Amman- Jordan

Year : 2010

This house located on the outskirts of Amman embraces the tradition of “Modernity” through its tentativeness to site forces, orientation(s), and fluidity between its indoor and outdoor spaces. Design challenges and opportunities such as dramatic views and site morphology were incorporated in service of the design scheme.

An important design feature is the strong relationship with the outdoor areas in terms of how the main masses of the building open up to forge semi-central courtyards that works also to relieve the longitudinal character of the main building mass. The plan is dynamic and incorporates fluidity between its spaces horizontally and vertically with specific orientations to significant views where different functions of the house were not conceived in floor plans but rather in interpenetrated spaces in the form of rooms, anterooms, terraces and outdoor extension areas. 2 Options were designed for the client.

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