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Study for the Development and Urban Enhancement of Visitor Routes at Erbil Citadel

Client : High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitilization

Location : Erbil- Iraq

Joint Venture : Consolidated Consultants Group (Jafar Tukan Architects)

Year : 2014

Erbil Citadel is located at the center of the city Erbil, in northern Iraq, in the Kurdistan Region. It is an urban complex built on top of an archaeological mound resulting from the accumulation of historical layers throu7ghout at least six millennia of occupation. Although placed on a human made mound, its physical configuration may be associated to a hilltop town, laid on the relatively flat surface on top of the tell.

The objective of the project is to carry out an urban enhancement study and plan for developing the main visitor circulation paths and rest areas at Erbil Citadel. The object5ive of the project is to provide all of the necessary planning and detailing for developing a tourist circuit path and other subsidiary trails at Erbil Citadel, along with rest areas with needed facilities. The aim of the circulation paths and trails is to facilitate the movement of the visitors and guide them towards specific areas of the site, while at the same time, information and facilities will be provided at specific locations. These would help in the valorization of the site and in providing rest areas that would enhance the visitor’s experience. Moreover, paths will help to bring back to the visitor the sense of the place and the historical urban fabric.

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