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Wadi Musa Tourist Zone - Urban Design and Landscaping Project

Client : Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority

Location : Wadi Musa - Jordan

Joint Venture : ENGICON

Year : 2012

Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) as the entity responsible for the development of Petra region is aiming to increase the number as well as the duration of stay for tourists in Petra. Therefore, a plan of rehabilitating the area between down town Wadi Musa and the entrance to Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) was initiated.

Wadi Musa is located southern of Jordan, hosting one of the main touristic attractions of Jordan; The Rose Red City, Petra. The proposed project entails the redesign of the main road leading to the visitors’ center along with surrounding areas to be more touristic.

The EIA team worked closely with the design team from ENGICON and TURATH to identify the implications of each project activity on the exiting environment. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study was prepared in compliance with the Jordanian Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Bylaw of 2005 to be submitted to PDTRA.

The project area is a main road characterized of housing several hotels, shops and houses (especially near Khirbet Hlailat) on one side, while the opposite site is natural wadi course and vegetation called Al Dara area.

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