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Conferences, Workshops, and Other Publications


The End of an Ordinary Street

Colors of Jordan & Impressions of Amman

Rami Daher, 2012

Overview and Synthesis for the Regional Workshop: Rehabilitation of Historic Towns and Villages

A Euromed Heritage Workshop (Program funded by the European Union) - Rabat, Morocco

Rami Daher, 2009

Discursive Mapping of Landscapes of Neoliberalism in Amman + Urban Agents, Actors and Activists

Amman Neoliberal Urban Management - 4th IABR

Rami Daher, 2010

Global Capital, Urban Regeneration, and Heritage Conservation in the Levant

Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle East (Viewpoints Special Edition) - The Middle East Institute 

Rami Daher, 2008

The Zaidani Mosque of Tibneh

Studies on Resources of Modern Arab History 

Rami Daher, 1997

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