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Research Journal Publications


The Fragmentary Production of Knowledge on Cultural Heritage on the Arab World: From an Orientalist Vision to a Scarce Engagement with Epistemological and Theoretical Spheres

International Journal of Architectural Research (IJAR)

Rami Daher, 2021

Urban Heritage and the Contention between Tradition, Avant-garde, and Kitsch:  Amman’s Rising “Kitsch Syndromes” and its Creeping Vernacularized Urban Landscape

Ethnologies: Journal of the Folklore Studies Association of Canada

Rami Daher, 2013

Uneven Geographies and Neoliberal Urban Transformation in Arab Cities Today

International Journal of Islamic Architecture

Rami Daher, 2018

Neoliberal Urban Transformations in the Arab City:  Meta Narratives and Urban Disparities –
The Emergence of Consumerist Utopias and Geographies of Inequalities in Amman

Environnement Urbain / Urban Environment

Rami Daher, 2013

Urban Regeneration/Heritage Tourism Endeavors, the Case of Salt, Jordan:  Local Actors, International Donors, and the State

International Journal of Heritage Studies

Rami Daher, 2005

The Cultural Heritage and the Nature of Disasters in Jordan and Palestine

CRM - Disaster Management

Rami Daher & Sultan Barakat, 1999

Gentrification and the Politics of Power, Capital, and Culture in an Emerging Jordanian Heritage Industry

Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review

Rami Daher, 1999

Conservation in Jordan: A Comprehensive Methodology for Historical and Cultural Resources

Journal of Architectural Conservation

Rami Daher, 1996

Effect of typo-morphological
analysis and place understanding
on the nature of intervention within
historic settings: the case
of Amman, Jordan

International Journal of Architectural Research

Rami Daher, 2023

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